Book Praise

“Amanda Chay does a fantastic job giving practical advice to other patients struggling with all the complexities of lupus. She describes her own situation, battles, and how she overcame them. She gives practical advice on how to get the most out of doctor visits and, without any bashfulness, touches upon essential topics that most of us doctors do not have time for or are not comfortable discussing, such as having a good sex life and having a healthy body image and self-esteem when dealing with a chronic illness. However, it is powerful to come at it from the direction of a patient who has suffered, battled through it, and succeeded in living a good life. The advice and hope that she offers is empowering. I highly recommend this book for the newly diagnosed patient, anyone struggling with the disease, and loved ones who want to know how to empathize and be helpful to their loved one. ”

Donald Thomas, MD author of “THe Lupus EncyclopediA”.

“The Girlfriend’s Guide to Lupus” is a fantastic resource not only for those diagnosed with lupus and looking for answers but also for those who care for them. It feesl like you are talking to a trusted friend and no topic is off limits. Sprinkled throughout the text are “tools” for your “toolbox” to navigate medical challenges, advocacy, personal interactions and all aspects of living with this disease.”   

Michelle H.

“I picked up this book to better understand a friend’s journey with the disease. Boy, was I captivated by page 2. For a first-time author, Chay absolutely nails it. Her writing is as down-to-earth as it gets—honest, raw, and refreshingly candid. This isn’t just a book for those living with Lupus; it’s a masterclass in approaching chronic illness with humor, grace, and helpful advice.
Amanda Chay has set the gold standard for how to tackle the topic of autoimmune diseases in a way that’s both engaging and informative.”

Marcey R.

“This book empowers women with lupus to deepen their understanding of this chronic disease, while at the same time, showing them that their diagnosis doesn’t define them … and that they are not alone!”


“This book uses a lighthearted and humorous approach to comprehensively describe the realities of lupus. I highly recommend this book for anyone living with lupus, as well as for those interested in learning more about this disease.”

Rekkha S.