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Hi ya! I'm Amanda

Hi ya! I’m Amanda

Lupus Warrior. Author. Friend.

I know first-hand how scary and overwhelming the diagnosis of lupus can be.

But lupus won’t determine your story. Only you get to do this.

Too often, we take for granted the bit of health lupus left us with and significantly underestimate the postive impact small daily actions play on our overall health. Until now…

It’s time to take control and be the best badass lupus advocate you can be.

“The Girlfriend’s Guide to Lupus” Book is Out Now


The reason I wrote “The Girlfriend’s Guide to Lupus ”  is for you, my reader friend. For you to not be overwhelmed by the medical jargon and confusing health related choices. For you to have the strength to challenge your doctor when she suggests a new line of attack that makes you uncomfy.

For you to live a life that is not limited by lupus, but alive with lupus. Because there is a difference. You deserve all of this and more. Everything your big, badass heart desires.

In “The Girlfriends Guide to Lupus” book, you will see how to not lose your shit after diagnosis by answering burning questions like:

  • Ugh, why has my sex life changed after diagnosis?
  • What foods to devour and those to cross off your list 
  • How staying in the present moment is soo much better for your health 
  • How the hell did I get this chronic disease? Can I blame my little brother?
  • And so much freakin’ more

Plus, a cuss word or two might even be found in this book, you know, for educational emphasis. 

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